The complete business management platform

Empower your SMBs with our tech. Under your brand.

Expand your SMB offering with a fully customizable platform to unlock new revenue opportunities and increase client loyalty. inTandem is built on over a decade of experience, serving small businesses and building successful partnerships.

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All the features for your SMB clients

The complete business management solution for small businesses

Years of experience have taught us what small business owners really need. Our digital tools simplify and automate daily tasks so your SMBs can focus on growth, not day-to-day business management.

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Calendar & Scheduling

Help your SMB clients enjoy better-organized and highly productive workdays with easy scheduling, appointment & calendar management.


Give your clients a full CRM, so they can build long-lasting relationships with their clients, streamline communication, and keep important client information organized.

Billing & Invoicing

Offer your clients a complete payment management solution that will help them get their hard-earned money in the bank. Seamless payment processing, billing, and invoicing.


Empower businesses to capture, nurture, and convert more leads with easy-to-use email and SMS marketing campaigns that don’t require design or development.

Flexible. Easy to integrate. Scalable.

Create a a unique solution with a seamless user experience. Customize inTandem to suit your SMB needs and your business operations. Expanding with you, as you scale up and grow.


Built on experience.
For SMB-serving companies like you.


Add value-added digital tools to your small business portfolio to gain and retain more clients and increase your revenue along the way.


Empower your SMB clients and diversify your solution portfolio with value-added digital tools that complement your core telco services.


Expand your SME portfolio with inTandem’s value-adding digital tools that support your small business clients in their business growth.


Integrate existing and third-party SaaS solutions into our business management solution for a quick and successful go-to-market.


Create recurring revenue streams by adding inTandem to your solution portfolio. We can take care of the rest: from marketing, sales to support.

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