Put customer intelligence at the heart of your business.

Customers are the driving force of every business. We believe that the most successful businesses are those built upon a meaningful understanding of their customers over time – what they think, how they feel, and why they buy.

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The Tandem Approach

Our approach is simple; we use the best parts of technology, psychology, and economic research principles to help companies better connect with their customers.
Engage Continuously

Tandem’s unique system gives you the power to field highly-targeted studies that can be simply shared and easily understood. Deployment via social media or an email list makes it easy to obtain ongoing feedback from your audience in real-time.

Be Customer Centric

Get insight into who your most valuable customers are and what motivates them to buy. Whether your business is an Agency, Brand, or an Online Retailer, we have a customer-focused solution to meet your needs.

Make Better Decisions

Tandem’s cloud-based app serves as a repository for all research including custom studies, which allows for on-demand viewing of past or ongoing studies. Making sure your most important decision-making tools are always up-to-date and easy to access.

How We Can Help You

Solutions for Agencies

Whether you’re a full-service or specialty agency, we have something for you. Our scalable and flexible research capabilities are built with creative, digital, media, or shopper-marketing agencies in mind.


Quickly test logos, taglines, creatives, and concepts. With a turn around time of less than a week, Jumpstart is fast, efficient, and easy to use.

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Tandem Personas

Apply our Persona model to your audience and identify the demographic and psychographic data behind each of your customer segments.

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Solutions for Brands & Franchises

Uncover your brand’s emotional qualities and engineer a brand position that is differentiated, unique, and defensible. Tandem’s full suite of brand research tools help you connect with your customers on an emotional level to increase loyalty and long-term sustainable growth.


Perform concept tests and get answers to burning questions. With a turn around time of less than a week, JumpStart is fast, efficient, and easy to use.

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Customer Experience Management

Providing top-notch customer experience is what makes brands like Apple, Disney, and Southwest Airlines great and NPS™ is the tool they use to manage it.

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Tandem Personas

Identifying your most valuable customers is all about understanding who they are and what motivates them.

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Solutions for E-Commerce

Quickly and easily create a powerful feedback loop with your customers. Simple to use and built for e-commerce: you'll be up and running fast with no technical knowledge needed.

Targeted Surveys

Target specific customers on your dashboard and send them a custom survey with the click of a button.

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Customer Lifetime Value

Use NPS™ combined with Customer Lifetime Value to focus your marketing resources, lower churn, and keep your most valuable and loyal customers coming back.

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Site redesign? Logo or concept testing? Need to know what will work best for you audience? Use JumpStart to get effective and efficient answers in less than a week!

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"Tandem helped us identify our most valuable customers and the untapped revenue opportunities we had with them. We stopped exploring new marketing channels and we started developing additional premium offers to increase loyalty and revenue."

Nathaniel Casey

Co-Founder/CEO of Blazetrak

"We needed to refresh our brand to grow our business without alienating our core customers. Tandem allowed us to easily identify our most valuable customers and discover what Nurture My Body’s brand meant to them."

Bill D’Alessandro

CEO of Nurture My Body

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