Brand Loyalty.

Tandem combines the Net Promoter System® with your sales data to give you truly actionable results. Our system connects directly to your Shopify store and is completely automated to save you time and keep your attention where it belongs: on your customers.

"Tandem helped us identify our most valuable customers and the untapped revenue opportunities we had with them. We stopped exploring new marketing channels and we started developing additional premium offers to increase loyalty and revenue."

Nathaniel Casey, Co-Founder/CEO of Blazetrak

How it works

Net Promoter System

Beyond NPS

Tandem brings much more to the table than just NPS. We have great add-ons so when you’re ready for more features, we’ve got you covered.
Targeted Surveys
Target specific customers on your dashboard and send them a custom survey with the click of a button.
Tandem Persona Study
Dive into shopper psychology and understand why they buy. Discover the key drivers that motivate your most valuable customers to make a purchase.
Customer Lifetime Value
Use NPS combined with Customer Lifetime Value to focus your marketing resources, lower churn, and keep your most valuable and loyal customers coming back.

Simple Pricing

Tandem is easy to understand and so is our pricing. No pay per send gimmicks here, just one no nonsense price.


Unlimited Sends
Automated NPS Survey
NPS Dashboard
Customer LifetimeValue Model
Targeted Surveys
Easy Shopify Integration

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